White Train Night at Dave’s

Train Night at Dave’s featuring white trains, June 11, 2010. Buddy the cat is watching a custom Marx white CP pulling parts of the Marx Rock Island white set. Next is the MTH modern diesel, George Bush 4141, painted in Air Force 1 colors. The Mickey Mouse car is a 1971 convention car with a little tribute to Ward Kimball. That is his signature on the roof. On the counter is a complete Marx white set with extra cars. The video finishes with some Marx plastic cars, including the white 467110 B&O and the 3280 Santa Fe.

White Creek Railroad : Running 7 5″ train with remote control and mid train or rear DPU

Running our 7.5″ trains at the White Creek Railroad at the 2011 fall open meet. Running remote control using the Airwire G scale set up to run our large trains. One nice thing with running remote is that a mid train or rear train DPU can be used. A rear train DPU gives a smooth ride as no slack action if felt. Running a mid train DPU you can take 2 trains and run them as one. This adds lots of fun to this hobby. DPU stands for Distributed Power Unit. Also I got to pull the White Creek Military Train.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Taking The Midnight Train by Tony Joe White – Uncovered (20

This video was made by editing footage from two Dutch concerts, Amsterdam (24-10-2006) and Zoetermeer (26-10-2006) and the audio track from Tony Joe White’s new album Uncovered. Uncovered is available from all webstores as well as serious local dealers. Check it out!
Video Rating: 4 / 5