Lionel Union Pacific GP-38-2 Quick Running Session, Review & News

Sorry for the bad audio and pixel qualities. I recorded this from my Android phone, which is the reason. I used it because it’s convenient for me! Subtitles may not work as efficiently, due to low audio quality. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!
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Gold Coast Model train show BLTG display running with LEGO trains

well I’m back with new video editing software so more videos to come soon . this video of my LEGO user groups display at the gold coast show 2011 All music here created by Jason Shaw. Released under Creative Commons license 3.0 You are free to use the music (even for commercial purposes) as long as you credit “Jason Shaw @”

Trains Across America Part 23 ~ Running Lime On The D&H ~

Loaded Flat Cars of Lime arrived at Binghamton Yard in NY. Now The Delaware & Hudson Railroad will take the 2 flat cars of lime and the loader north on Train 252 for delivery at the Refinery up North on the D&H Line in the Adirondack Mountains. Normal operation on D&H can sometimes run into trouble, as today with one of the flat cars of lime, The conductor of 252 gets His train to Saratoga Yard half way of its delivery location, but can not take it any farther. So after a few hours of moving the lime onto the remaining flat car, and setting the bad flat car off for repair, D&H 252 continues north. Once ariving at its delivery location, The local power picks up the train for delivery on the branch line. once ariving at the yard up in the mountains, the local yard switcher does a reverse move up into the refinery. The lime gets unloaded, and then after it has been refined, gets picked back up in 2 covered hoppers. Once the train has been made up, the local switcher heads back for the mainline to meet up with D&H 931 for the lime to get put on and taken back south and shipped west for use on Farms All Across America. We also get to catch D&H #19 stop at Port Henry Station to pick up happy Passengers going North To Montreal, Canada. Make sure to tune into : For part 24 of TAA!
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Train Street Running in Gadsden Alabama – ATN Z390

4-21-10 *CORRECTION* Although I said Q390 in the video, this is actually Z390. Gadsden, Al – Locust Street With a little free time after class, I headed to Gadsden to see if anything interesting was going on with NS or the ATN. The scanner crackled to life with “3 step – Z390.” Awesome! A train I’ve wanted to see for a long time! Great SP power up front too! After a little switching in the yard, I catch the train traveling down the middle of Locust St. and crossing the Coosa river bridge bound for Birmingham. ATN Z390 LTEX (SP) 5387 SD40T-2 LTEX (SP) 7371 SD40R LTEX (SP) 7444 SD45R Thanks for watching!!
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ball control while running in soccer?

Question by Taewon H: ball control while running in soccer?
hi im a soccer player and im pretty fast. however when i run fast sometimes i lose control of the ball and my opponent has a better chance of taking the ball away from me. any tips or training?

Best answer:

Answer by Craig B
To be honest with you, the most important thing when dribbling/running with the ball is that you keep it close to your feet at all times. I’m sure you know about Lionel Messi…..he is a master of this, if you watch him the ball is never more than a couple of inches away from his feet.

One way to improve this is by setting up a series of cones on the ground, and just constantly practice dribbling in and around them keeping the ball under control at all times. Using both feet, and getting used to keeping your eye on the ball to begin with, and then once you grow in confidence it will feel more natural and you can then begin to look up as you are dribbling.

It’s important also to mix up the way you set up the cones. Set up say 10 cones in a straight line……. 1 yard apart and just take it slow. It’s about keeping control of the ball first and the best way to do this is start off slow…….once you have mastered keeping the ball under total control, this will come naturally to you, and whether you are doing it slowly, or at full pace……it wont matter!

Then after that set them up in a zig zag formation etc. etc. just to get you going in different directions and getting used to using both feet.

I hope this is some help to you!!!

Good luck 😀

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My dog keeps running through my electric fence?

Question by Dani T: My dog keeps running through my electric fence?
I have two dogs.
A shi’tzu who is 5 years old.
Also a morky (maltese yorky)
Yesterday the morky ran through our electric fence. Of course we found him soon after. Then agian today he ran through the electric fence agian.

How do i get him to stop?

Extra info….
-Both dogs are fixed.
-We checked and the collars work.

Best answer:

Answer by walking lady RIP Tom
Did you do any training first? If you did and that’s not the problem, you’re not going to fix this. Lots of dogs are more than willing to take the shock to leave. They won’t come back, but they definitely will leave.

These fences also won’t stop other dogs from coming in to fight with your dogs.

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Will the electric fence my family just bought stop my dog from running away?

Question by Mr. Teehee: Will the electric fence my family just bought stop my dog from running away?
My dog Deacon has been escaping our yard and running free ever since we got him back in October. We finally had enough of it last week and we bought an electric fence. We only have the shock on level 2, but I don’t think that will hold him. I don’t want to turn it up to level 3, because…… that would hurt (I tested it 😛 ). Do any of you guys know for certain that an electric fence will stop Deacon from running away 100%?

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Answer by Mia! (=^;^=)
Nope, but I do know that’s animal abuse. Get a fence or a rope or chain or something, jerk!

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