Mth Premier F59PHI Amtrak Surfliner locomotive Protosound 1 train

Here is my MTH Amtrak Pacific Surfliner locomotive #458 an Emd F59PHI! Note the 2 of the 3 Amfleet I coaches in phase IV are numbered incorrectly. The numbers are for Amfleet II coaches- just noticed 2 minutes ago! I want to update it to Proto 2 eventually.
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MTH Premier Pennsylvania PRR E-8 ‘s Diesel Locomotive Set

My Favorite “real life” engine now on the PIR !!! Enjoy the video train enthusiasts! 🙂 Long live the Pennsy! Thanks for watching and commenting! please visit: tags Pennsylvania PRR Pennsy E8 E-8 diesel engine # 5711 5809 tuscon red train MTH DCS Command O scale Lionel Legacy Vision Premier railking Pittsburgh Pghtrainfanatic layout table o gauge, railroad model n G HO track fastrack ross gargraves z stuff blast furnace river water K line Kline broadway limited passenger cars service haul pull frieght electric
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MTH Premier PRR K4s O-Gauge Steam Locomotives Triple-Headed in True HD 1080p

I often get requests to see more of my layout and how it operates. This video, the longest and most complex that I’ve ever attempted, is the response. In the previous two videos, you’ve seen some of my Pennsy power moving around passenger cars. In this video, you get to see all three models of the K4s Pacific-type steamers (#1737 = prewar, slotted pilot, early decoration; #5400 – prewar, slotted pilot, later decoration; #1361 = postwar, solid pilot) moving between mainline tracks in order to form a triple-header that is used to haul all of my seventeen heavyweight passenger cars. The K4s was Pennsy’s premier passenger hauler and in real life, for a train of this size, you would have seen at least a double-header and quite possibly a triple-header. This True HD 1080p video is made up of 14 segments that I’ve edited together with captions as well as explanatory scrolling credits at the beginning and end (you don’t want to know how many times I actually had to shoot things before I got them kind of the way I wanted). As you can see in this 10 minute long video, the K4s that I converted from PS1 to PS2 is functionally the same as the other two models that originally came with PS2. All operations were performed using DCS remote control. Putting this one together was a lot of work and I hope that you enjoy it. Please visit my web site — — for lots more videos and photos of both real and model trains.
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MTH Premier CNJ Blue Comet Pacific O-Gauge Steam Locomotive in True HD 1080p

Back in 1998, MTH brought out a Premier model of the Jersey Central (CNJ) Blue Comet, a heavy Pacific (4-6-2) locomotive, painted in two tones of blue, which hauled a special train from the CNJ terminal in Jersey City to the seaside resort of Atlantic City (long before the days of casinos). The model was issued with the original Protosound system (PS1) and I later converted it to Protosound 2 (PS2) so that it could be controled with the DCS remote control system. Over the years, MTH has brought out several sets of matching passenger cars (all named for comets), to the point that I now have twelve of them. In this True HD 1080p video, you get to see the Blue Comet locomotive with all of its matching passenger cars, a model of one of the most famous trains ever to travel the rails here in New Jersey. Please visit my web site — — to see lots more videos and photos of both real and model trains.

MTH Premier CNJ Camelback O-Gauge Steam Locomotive

In February of 2009, MTH released a Premier model of the CNJ ten-wheeler (4-6-0) Camelback steam locomotive #774. This model is a replica of the prototype as it appeared during fan trips toward the end of its life. It features the new MTH quillable whistle and you can hear it in the video. Please visit my web site – – to see lots more videos of model (and real) trains in action! A NEW VIDEO OF THE CAMELBACK HAS BEEN SHOT IN TRUE HD 1080p! See
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