The Brio Polar Express Trains – A Wooden Railway & Battery Powered Train Toy Review!

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The Polar Express – Christmas Comes to Lionel Town

Here’s an effort to use the layout as a movie set, featuring the Polar Express train set by Lionel, with all the add-on cars, the elf hand car, and some animated scenes by Lamaze. Editing by Pinnacle Studio 11. Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner. Keep the volume up to get the full effect of “the surprise”. Hope you enjoy.

NTS&B Polar Express, Hogwarts, and other engines making up 15 Feet long trains on Heli

When building a layout, we sometimes forget to just stop and run trains on it. I finally decided to take the time to see what would run on the helix. I decided to stop at 12 passenger cars and a tender (or extra box car on diesels), because I didn’t want to pick them off the floor, or start loosing traction tires. In all the trains was over 15 feet long. The biggest surprises were the Lionel engines Polar Express, Hogwarts, and RI 5100, because these are all single motors. The MTHs RK PRR GG1, CSX Dash 8, PRR F3, and Williams Amtrak FP45 seemed to have plenty of power to spare for some more cars.

On the Lionel Polar Express G Gauge train set ;need to know where the battery compartment is located .?

Question by Anteater400: On the Lionel Polar Express G Gauge train set ;need to know where the battery compartment is located .?
I bought this set at Target over a year ago; there are 6 or 8 phillips screws under the engine, but I don’t see any directions as to how to fit the C batteries in. Seems strange to have to open up all those screws each time you want to change batteries. Would appreciate someone’s help.

Best answer:

Answer by MaryS
If you look on page 7 of the Owner’s Manual, there are instructions and diagrams explaining how to replace the batteries.

Click on the link below to open the .pdf file and you can view it there.

Hope that helps!

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