Realistic Trains in Minecraft – Trains & Zeppelin Mod Showcase

Ever wanted loads of realistic looking trains and carriages to replace those dated Minecarts for your super train stations? Well you’re gonna leak diesel in your pants when you see this badboy! This mod by Spitfire4466 will make you spit out your drink as you engulf yourself in incredible modness. • Steam your way into the mod thread and download it NOW: Please let me know what you think by rating, commenting, favouriting and subscribing if you like what you see! • Facebook: • Music: Kevin MacLeod (
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Minecraft Train Station

This is my train station in Minecraft. My design goals for this: – The train car needs to be stationary and then launch when I’m ready. – I wanted to switch tracks with a single button. Many thanks to: – Minecraft!! – Minepedia – – Your videos taught me how to build the trains! Thanks for the tutorials, I wouldn’t have been able to build this without them. **New: Uploaded my save: