LEGO train crash high speed Eurostar and ICE 3 on 9V double track

High speed train crash between my LEGO 9V train ICE 3 and Eurostar models and the innocent little Christmas train… layout features a double track loop of long curves made from straight track and two level crossings (the source of much entertainment) with the Christmas train’s little loop. Enjoy!

Extreme rocket train crash, 1200km/h

Extreme rocket train crash on Microsoft train simulator Download this train from Oh and will all you sado’s stop making stupid comments, i made this video 3 years ago for Christ sake, i don’t even play it anymore so stop telling me to go get a life and get a life of your own!
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The Addams Family (1964) S01E01 – Train Crash Scene

S01E01: The Addams Family Goes To School (1964-09-18) The train-crash sequence, in which the model trains collide and explode, was shot once, and that footage was used every time Gomez wrecked model trains. See also:
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HO Model Train Operating Session with Crash

Please rate, comment, and subscribe. If you enjoyed this video please check out Great Lakes Photos at Thank You! Spiritwingsvirtual on YouTube features videos of trains, planes and boats. Videos are uploaded weekly, if not more. I have not uploaded in a while but here is a short video! Here is a video of an Operating session on my layout. There were a few people over and each person was assigned their own train. In the end of the video a accident happened at the junction. One train ran into the back of the other pushing it into the other.
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