Do all the GeoTrax trains move on their own? Or does the child move them herself?

Question by dolphincutie: Do all the GeoTrax trains move on their own? Or does the child move them herself?
Hope that makes sense. I was given a track, but I need to get the train to go with it. So I am wondering if the train is electric or kid driven. Thank you!

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Answer by takari_60087

the train is battery powered but kids will happily roll it using kid power
you can find the trains at toy stores like Toys R Us

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What’s the youngest you can start training a child in Martial Arts?

Question by ISDS: What’s the youngest you can start training a child in Martial Arts?
I started “training” my daughter when she was able to start interacting, around 9 months old. She’s 16 months old now. The training is just play and games involving martial arts concepts and techniques, and is mostly modeling by practicing while she watches.

What’s the youngest you think it’s productive to start training children? I’ve heard answers that vary from 3 years old all the way up to 10 years old.

Here’s a video of my daughter doing some of what I’ve taught her.

What are your opinions, how young is “too young” to start?
Thank you for some of the insights. I forgot to add that my wife is one semester away from her Master’s Degree in Education and Early Intervention (pre-school). She gives me a lot of guidance on what my daughter can and cannot learn developmentally.

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Answer by Mullet Man
Not sure what the too young is, But the average would be 2 – 3+ years (open minded, ready to learn and have fun) or 9 – 10+ (knows alot and can understand more, perhaps easier to teach) hope this helped (dont forget those + beside them, doesnt have to be just at those years)

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I’m 23 years old and I feel like a child, what do I do?

Question by Krista: I’m 23 years old and I feel like a child, what do I do?
I’m 23 years old and married. I have been unemployed since August of ’08 and my husband lost his job in June of this year. I am dealing with a disability so I’m having a difficult time tryng to find work, and because of some nasty and fraudulent things that have been spitefully placed into my husband’s work file, he can’t find work until that is resolved. We’re struggling; he gets unemployment benefits and I was denied, but we’re making ends meet the best we can.

My problem is I feel like a child because anytime I want to buy anything I have to ask “permission” and get the money from my husband. I feel like I am 5 years old asking my dad if I can buy a toy at the store. On top of that, he’s taken over the remote and anytime I want to watch anything, he’ll put it on my show but flip to something else that he wants to watch instead and only flip it back to my show on the commercials for his show. I miss more than half of what I’m trying to watch, and he gets irritated when I ask him to change it back because I don’t want to miss a certain part of the show I want to watch. For example, the other day a movie was on, and he was flipping back and forth between the football game (to check the score) and about a dozen other channels (he channel surfs sometimes), and I asked him to turn it back to the movie because I knew it was getting to the maybe 3 minute portion of the movie I wanted to actually watch. He gave me a dirty look and said “I’m watching something” in a nasty tone and proceeded to continue to flip through channels. I don’t have much I like to watch, so every now and then when a show is on I want to see, I feel like, yet again, I have to ask permission to do something, and most of the time it’s met with some kind of nasty remark and look before he just either ignores my request or throws a fit and launches the remote across the room and storms upstairs.

This only started a few days ago, maybe a couple weeks at most, and now I feel afraid to ask him for anything. This man was previously a very sweet and generous person who would give the world to me if I asked for it (which I never asked for much) who always took pleasure in taking care of me. He would always give me some cash to make sure I had some if I needed it (I usually would hold on to it for weeks at a time and when he’d offer me money again I’d let him know I still had the money he gave me a while ago) and we’ve been married for over a year and together for over 2 years.

I’ve been through some really bad relationships before him, with abuse, and it has made me “gun shy” about getting into confrontations with guys, so I feel terrified to say anything. Now I feel like I can’t talk to him at all about anything because I’m afraid he’ll get upset, and that makes me feel sick just thinking about it because I have essentially been “trained” that when a guy gets mad, I get hurt.

What do I do? How do I talk to him about this when I’m so afraid? I know that he wouldn’t ever hurt me, but once you’ve been through this enough with other people and had it end badly, it’s something that’s stuck in your head. I’m depressed (and just started being treated for it a few days ago) because my disability has changed me from an active young person to a house-bound and nearly bed-ridden person (this began about a year ago, it’s a hereditary thing), so this situation doesn’t help matters. I don’t want to be this way, I want to pull my weight, which I try to do at home, and it’s never been a problem with him before because he was happy that I was safely at home and he was the “breadwinner”, in fact we decided that I would work part-time at most and be a homemaker the rest of the time. I don’t get what’s happened to him all of a sudden, and I don’t know how to talk to him about it without him getting upset. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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Answer by Joshua
Rebel! Take the leap without thinking of the consequences!

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Are my child not quite ready for a wooden train set or an electric set or maybe have to tried these already?

Question by Adelia: Are my child not quite ready for a wooden train set or an electric set or maybe have to tried these already?
I have 2 sons, ages 2 & 4. As a single parent, I was looking for something that would be an easy “add-on” collection for my children while spanning different ages.
A tiny bit of challenge to set it up the first time but it gets easier as one becomes more creative. They are both thouroughly enjoying the train set. They are also both prettyrough with toys and it is handling the abuse.
Are they not quite ready for a wooden train set or an electric set or maybe have to tried these already??

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Answer by Reese
i think you should try the Electric one they would be amazed and fascinated and star at it for hours

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“potty trained” child peeing on the carpet?

Question by Jen: “potty trained” child peeing on the carpet?
I’m at my wits end.
My 7 year old has been potty trained since she was 3 and a half to 4ish (Late for some kids, but I let her quit diapers when she preferred the potty.) Off and on since before she started kindergarten I would find little wet spots on the carpet on occasion and I wrote it off as spilled water, but it’s become clear (since I caught her in the act) that when she doesn’t feel like walking to the toilet, she simply squats, pulls down her pants, pees on the floor, and goes about her day. She doesn’t bother cleaning it up, and sometimes she puts large toys or chairs over the spots recently so I don’t find out right away and she doesn’t get in trouble.

She shares a bedroom with her 4 year old sister who is grossed out by it and tells me when she sees her do it or finds a wet spot.
I can find no psychological or physical reason why she does this.
I’m a stay at home mom and she gets plenty of attention from me and her dad, with her sister and alone. She’s not abused or mistreated by anyone. Both her parents live in the same house and love each other and her, so it’s not like she’s acting out from stress, insecurity or worry. She has a bathroom that is “the kid bathroom” alone adjacent to her bedroom that is perfectly clean, well stocked, and everything works.
She does not wet the bed, suffer from nightmares or sleepwalking. She has no problem holding her bladder while she’s at a friend’s house, at the store, in the car, or through the night.
There is no connection with the frequency of her behavior with the school year, vacation, moving, family problems, or family changes, other than it happens less when she’s in school because she’s simply not at home during the day, or more at times of day when I’m too busy to watch her constantly. (She does it when she thinks she won’t get caught.)

It appears to be a simple matter of opportunity and laziness and I have no clue how to handle it any more.

I’ve tried punishing her, talking to her, making her clean up the carpet, grounding her, telling her it will make her very sick, telling her I will talk to her teacher (worked for about 3 weeks until school ended) taking away TV/books/toy boxes that keep her distracted in her room for long periods, and finally today when I found her most recent spot I dug out a year old (clean) diaper from before her sister was potty trained, and put it on her without ceremony, and informed her I’d be buying her more if this continues any longer.

We are not permissive or heavy handed parents. We usually favor standing on the wall and save spankings for serious or dangerous behavior and after the fact of the punishment explain why the behavior is bad in a way a child can understand.

The pediatrician can’t find any medical reason for this and thinks she is otherwise a normal well adjusted first grader. Her teachers think she does great in school and is a normal well adjusted first grader.

I’m now 7 months pregnant and I can no longer be bent down on the floor scrubbing the carpet with laundry detergent and bleach every day, and I certainly can’t be doing it when the new baby arrives, plus I think it’s outrageous to have a second grader wetting the floor like a poorly trained puppy, a 4 year old who’s been potty trained for two years, and a baby in diapers.

Please God, I can’t be the only mother on the planet that has ever gone through this?
The only other story I’ve ever heard of this that was similar was of a 16 year old who peed on his floor because he didn’t want to get out of bed and blamed it on the cat. O_o

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Answer by Snowbarbie
I wouldn’t punish her for this, other than having her clean it up.

But what I would do is this – get books from the library and talk about Urine and the kidneys, the whole bladder and getting waste products out of our bodies. She likely thinks that it is just water, but it isn’t, it will smell if it is left on the carpet, and bacteria can breed in there.

Teach her why it is wrong to do this and how it is unhygienic for your whole family.

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do you think that there is a “set” age for a child to be potty trained?

Question by giggles: do you think that there is a “set” age for a child to be potty trained?
my husband’s mother is starting to get on MY case about MY daughter.
My daughter is showing signs of readyness, but everytime I put her on the potty, she dose nothing! All she wants to do is get down.
I feel as though I should wait until she is more ready and more willing. I don’t want to push her into doing something she’ll hate me for. (I know she won’t keep hating me, it just feels like it.)
And as for pushing her for the sack of pre-school, forget it! School for her starts in Kindergarden, age 5. Trust me she’ll be trained by then!
how do I start? addvice anyone?
Please help!!!

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Answer by 36 weeks with baby #1(Noah)
No, there shouldn’t be and isn’t a set age for children to be potty trained. All children develop differently and at different paces. While one may potty train at 2 another may not start until age 3.

You’re right in not pushing her, as that will only hinder the process. Just keep an eye on her with this and once she starts showing more interest/curiosity then slowly introduce it. You’re fine in what you are doing.

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Is it possible that a child can get electricuted with a Lionel Electric train set? Ive heard that the chances?

Question by Dave Bello: Is it possible that a child can get electricuted with a Lionel Electric train set? Ive heard that the chances?
are practically null?????

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Answer by Ben H
Provided that the transformer is in good condition, the track is completely isolated from the wall current.

The design of the transformer is such that the current is limited to a level where it’s not possible to be injured.

I’ve felt a slight “buzz” off of some transformers when accidentally touching the two terminals. It hasn’t been strong enough to cause me any harm whatsoever.

Occasionally, an old(or new) transformer will be damaged to where there’s some “leakage” from the primary side of the transformer, which plugs into the wall, to the secondary side, which is connected to the track. Usually, this happens in a transformer where the coils are slightly loose on the core, allowing them to vibrate and abrade the varnish coating on the core, and allowing conduction between them. The transformer has to receive some other damage, like being dropped, in order for this condition to be present in the first place.

All vintage transformer should be tested for leakage. Authorized Lionel service stations, and independent Lionel repairmen like myself have a very sensitive test instrument which will show primary to secondary leakage. Any transformer which shows leakage should be disposed of, or at least disabled to the point where it’s not repairable, as there’s no repair for leakage.

Also, a transformer which hums loudly should be checked, and, if not showing leakage, the cause of the humming repaired.

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