Running 3 G Scale Trains at once part 1

Hi and welcome to SB Rail Lines. Also welcome to the new yahoo group called USA Trains G Scale Registry where there is information documented all the way back to 1987 when USA Trains began as Ro Trains. There are photos of custom runs, hobby shop runs, show car runs and all custom runs on this site. The site is a great reference for the USA Trains G scale collector You can visit the site USA Trains G Scale Registry at this link In this video, I run 3 different G Scale trains at once on my indoor layout which features 300ft of brass track and 3 different mainlines. I have 7 different trains made up and run certain ones during certain seasons. I do have family members who visit and like to watch the trains in operation and I always have all 3 tracks moving with trains at the same time. There are cross overs between each track, but luckly to this day therew has been no acciddents. The majority of the G scale trains that I run are made by USA Trains. Enjoy Shawn
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