NECR Freight, Local and Amtrak Action in and around Northfield, VT

Witness NECR freight and local trains, including Continuous Welded Rail trains powered by pure Blue and Gold, as well as NYS&W SD70M’s making their voyage back home, and a sighting of the Amtrak Vermonter, all in the Fall of 2010 on the NECR Roxbury Subdivision. 10-24-10 Amtrak Southbound Vermonter 55 banks around the steep curve in town. AMTK P42DC 49 AMTK P42DC 104 10-28-10 A Northbound Loaded Continuous Welded Rail Train bound for St. Albans passes the center of town at sunet with a TRIO of blue and gold, and the leader running Long Hood Forward! NECR GP38 3845 NECR GP38 3857 NECR GP38 3844 Unfortunate delays kept this train coming earlier in the day, but it was one of a few trains that made of 25 new miles of 115 RE CWR south of St. Albans. 10-31-10 Light Engines RMPX GP40-2LW 9457 NECR GP38 3848 10-31-10 Empty CWR howling through the center of town with a duo of blue and gold! TURN IT UP! NECR GP38 3844 NECR GP38 3857 11-03-10 600 NECR GP38 3840 12-11-10 324 howls through the center of town with an amazing lashup including the three NYS&W SD70M’s returning home for good to be put back into service on NYS&W. FEC SD40-2 722 CEFX SD40-2 3398 FEC SD40-2 721 NYSW SD70M 4050 NYSW SD70M 4052 NYSW SD70M 4054 NECR GP38 3845 Enjoy and Thanks For Watching!!!
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