If you’re a model railroader, please answer this question..?

Question by Mike M.: If you’re a model railroader, please answer this question..?
What’s the best way to remove Bachmann EZ track from the pre-molded raodbed?

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Railbuff: Yes, the NMRA has worked to get model railroad manufacterers to conform so that everything would be inter-changeable, but each makers’ pre-molded roadbed STILL won’t work with one another. I’d like to know what’s up with that! >:(

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Answer by railbuff
Maybe the best thing to do is replace the track with a piece of Atlas or Peco snap-track or flex track. The Bachmann stuff is pretty firmly on, and getting it off would likely put the track out if gauge, if it didn’t break it. All these tracks are interchangeable – you will need rail-joiners for the new track (If i remember the rail-joiners are already on the Bachmann stuff. They wil fit all tracks of the same size. I believe the Bachmann comes as code 100 track; important to match the codes on the new track (code 100 is most common)
The National Model Railroad Association worked for years to get manufacturers to conform to standards that make their equipment interchangeable with other companies’ products.

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