i need help breaking into the modeling scene…?

Question by Annice H: i need help breaking into the modeling scene…?
ok i am really interested in modeling, but i just dont know where to begin. like seriously where do i start? im pretty sure i have what it takes, i am 5’9”, slim with a nice figure and great personality, i just cant find anywhere to use it. i have gone to things i hear about on the radio that claim to have connections but when i get there it turns out to be just something for money, saying they need to “train” the model for like $ 2,000 and after that training they will find work for you. but i dont have money for that, i would just like to know where to begin, if anyone knows please share with me!

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Answer by philoseffie
Don’t bother with places that require you to pay money for ‘training’, it’s all a scam.

Your best bet is to send pictures to a few legitimate agencies. They don’t need to be professional; just take a few photos in natural light, with no makeup and wear a simple, form-fitting outfit. If the agency sees potential, they’ll contact you with more information.

On occasion, agencies will have scouting events that you can attend and possibly get noticed. Be careful with these, though – make sure they’re from real agencies and don’t ask you to pay ridiculous fees.

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