How to Make a Model Railway: Part 4- Buildings

This is the fourth in the Series of ‘How to Make a Model Railway’ where I say how I built (scenic wise) my ‘N’ Gauge Model Railway ‘Shackendale End’. So, after the track work is complete, it is time to move on and deciding where things are going on your layout. The majority of buildings on my layout are going to be hand made by myself and this video out makig buildings. In the video, I am making the Gentlemens waiting roomas part of my Station Building, I have used plasticard to make it but I would strongly advise you to stay away from it if you can. It is okay for making little bits such as window panes and coping but it is extremely hard to work with and in future I am going to use card. What sort of card you use it really doen’t matter but preferably not corrogated as you cannot score bricks into it and it isn’t a flat surface, however it is good for strengthening your buildings. Card from the back of notepads is good which is what I am using to make my bridge in (more to follow in a future video). Scoring bricks is easy, all you need is a sharp knife, a steel rule and a rough idea of how big your bricks need to be. My bricks, unfortunately, are out of scale but one can hardly tell when you look at it. First of all, mark out where you want a row of bricks to go and score gently down the line with your knife guided by a steel rule. Carry on with this until your building face has horizontal lines all the way across it. Next, just get your knife and score in the veritcal
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