G Scale Garden RailRoad

G Scale Garden RailRoad This is the first video i have shot on this layout, i have been working on it and helping him maintain it now for the past 5 years, My Friend Eric Freeland owns it, he Has built almost of it by himself over the past 8 years, Their r 2 major loops, the one you are watching and then their is a Scale Horse Shoe curve down below this layout, Their is also a Tehachapi loop, but that all needs to be re tracked and alot of work, ii will show you it in the next few weeks, he has a open house coming up on Aug 19th and 20th, i will make a video a week b4 that to show you how to get their if you want to come, i will have alot of these G scale video coming up, hope you like them. This is part of another Series.

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