Does anyone else consider L scale an actual scale?

Question by trainboy765: Does anyone else consider L scale an actual scale?
As far as model trains go, I model in HO, N, and L scale. By “L scale” I mean Lego trains, not Large-scale trains.

I heard that a couple years ago NMRA recognized Lego trains as an actual scale. Does anyone know the ratio (HO = 1:87) for L scale?

Also, do you believe that Legos can actually be a scale?

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Answer by barefootboy
Lego Gauge is the BEST. Who Cares what all the other model railroaders think, anyways. I consider all their stuff to be dusty junk. At shows, check out the average age of the traditional modelers versus the LEGO train guys. The traditional guys are all old men and they will someday all be dead. If they don’t figure out a way to keep kids and young people interested in model railroading, those hobbies will continue to shrink.

LEGO is more fun and more colorful. And of course, our raw materials are never fully used up — we can take stuff apart and use the same pieces all over again. Today, a GP-38 is tomorrow’s F7 loco and then maybe a switcher loco.

Read the LEGO story at NMRA national convention– link is almost at the bottom of the page:

And, of course, buy more LEGO sets, pieces, minifigs, etc at

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