Could I do this with my dog?

Question by Jaime – Exercise Is Crucial!: Could I do this with my dog?
I am considering getting a chihuahua in a few months. I have a walk-in closet in my apartment. It is small, but still a walk-in. I am planning on litter-box training my chihuahua. Instead of “crate training” with the litterbox inside the crate, could I “closet train”? Could I put all of the puppy’s things in this closet as it’s own little room? i.e. her bed, food, water, litter box, toys, blankets, etc. I wouldn’t close the door except at night time and when I’m not at home. She would only be in there to eat, potty, and when it’s night or when I’m out. Could this work?
Laura: Thanks, but if you look up litter box training small dogs, it is actually reccommended by veterinarians and many breeders. Also, this closet does have a light. But, you’re right about the sleeping where they “go” thing. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Thank you all for making me understand that!! I apologize I didn’t even think about the window thing. Although the baby gate is a good idea. I’m thinking that I should just do the baby gate thing and have the litter box in a seperate room, or just crate-train instead.
Okay, one more edit. I think I’ve made up my mind and just do traditional crate training and housebreaking (making it go OUTSIDE). Thanks, guys. One more question though….. After the dog is already housebroken, do you still continue with the crate?
Bobbie: Why, thank you for bringing that to my attention! I’m completely aware that a seventeen year old cannot and should not adopt a dog. However, I am waiting until I am eighteen, have stable living conditions, and job to adopt one. And actually, I have already graduated and am in college. Thanks for the concern, though.

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Answer by Laura
There’s nothing wrong with keeping a dog confined when you’re out, but you have to treat it like crate training and let the dog feel safe in there- BUT it is important to note that it’s cruel to keep a dog in the dark all the time (even though they can see in the dark) and also that dogs won’t go to the toilet in the same place they sleep, so the litter training thing is gone- it’s a silly idea anyway, as dogs aren’t cats and don’t like to go in litter trays! If you’re going to get a dog, it doesn’t matter where you live- you need to train it to go outside so it goes out there on your morning and evening walks; it won’t need a litter tray and won’t like the idea.

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