Another question for model railroaders…?

Question by Mike M.: Another question for model railroaders…?
What’s the very best way to learn about digital command control? (DCC)

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Answer by mariner31
Hmmm… I read the SEVERAL books published by Kalmbach Publishing / Model Railroader Magazine regarding DCC… starting with “DCC Made Easy – DCC for your Model Railroad” by Lionel Strang.

I also have a subscription to Model Railroader Magazine and their website which have CONSTANT articles and forums on the subject.

It (DCC) is the greatest thing to happen to the hobby since Flex-trak !! Wiring is SO much more simple than on an old DC system, and Operations are a BLAST !!

I run a 10’x12′ bedroom shelf layout with a large-yard, two heavy industries, a commuter train, and 2 hidden yards… I can now be running a LONG coal consist with TWO locos pulling, a LONG intermodal consist with THREE locos pulling, my Commuter line, and two yard engines… ALL at the SAME TIME !!


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