Would judo or bjj work better with taekwondo?

Question by Kat: Would judo or bjj work better with taekwondo?
I know I have told you that I am 5″2 (roughly 160cm) a few posts ago, but the answers I got there were bit mixed? Some said it was bjj and some said it was judo that worked better for a small sized person.

Anyways, to add to the one, here is more information about me:

– Does WTF taekwondo (green belt, been doing it for around nine months)

– Is 16 years old (sophormore/Year 10 student)

– Weighs 99 pounds (I am female)

– Wants to learn a grappling art because
a) self defense reasons (there have been one or two rape cases this year, and I don’t want to be the star of the next one)

b) competitions

c) excersise (I didn’t choose physical education for my Higher School Cerficate but would still like to keep fit)

And here are some questions I want to ask:

1) How long does it take to reach black belt in either art? I know there is no “set” date, but how long approximately? Also, how long is it that I will have enough skills to defend myself against someone who is unarmed and untrained?

2) I heard tht bjj is useless against one or more opponents of if the ground is littered with dangerous things like broken glass or sharp rocks? True?

3) Is judo useless without the gi? I don’t want to go to no gi classes as I want the whole cultural experience as well as the physical one (yes, I am one of the few students who enjoy bowing before each lesson and learning Korean terms in my taekwondo class)

4) I can train two sessions a week (around ninety minutes each) because I already do taekwondo and my mum says that she wants me to concentrate more on my school work. Is that good enough?
P.S. There aren’t any girl wrestling clubs in my school (there is a cheerleading one though- but I am not instructed xP)

Best answer:

Answer by ISDS
Honestly, I believe wrestling to be a better combo for you than the two you mentioned. Why? Because I believe high school wrestling will expose you to the mentality of “dirty fighting” more than the other two would, plus since you’re 16 you could train for free and a lot longer than if you took Judo or BJJ.

Since your mum wants you to concentrate more on school work then wrestling will give you access to tutors and study groups that are designed to help the school atheletes make the grades so they can continue to compete.

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