Wood train set or electric for 2 year old?

Question by jennsntexas: Wood train set or electric for 2 year old?
I can’t decide what kind of train set to get for my 2.5 year sold for Christmas. I want to get a table and then either a wooden set like Thomas the train that connect with the magnets that they push, or a Geotrax set that is remote control.
Any advice from experienced parents?

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Answer by yakgal
Get a wooden train set for your son. I suggest staying away from a battery operated train set at his age. The total play value comes from pushing the train along the track and making train sounds. If you get a train that moves by itself you can only watch it. That gets old pretty fast. I also wouldn’t advise getting all Thomas the train. Even if your son loves Thomas. Get Brio or Nuchi the tracks all have a universal fit and even work with Thomas pieces. If you invest in all Thomas eventually Thomas will no longer be cool and you have invested hundreds of dollars in something that your child will no longer play with.You are much better off getting a basic train set and adding Thomas to it. He will grow out of Thomas but all boys never grow out of loving to play with a train set. Never glue your track down to the table. As your child grows the ability to puzzle together the track is a wonderful educational skill. There’s a product called Sure Track that can hold the track in place if you need it. Good Luck

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