Why wont my brand new lionel train smoke ?

Question by mac867luvr: Why wont my brand new lionel train smoke ?

I have a brand new Lionel Train set. Its a Conrail Lionmaster #6-31772. I added the smoke fluid as directed, 10 drops and ran the train for about 10 minutes, no smoke came out ? There is also a caboose that is supposed to smoke, that wont either ? Do you think the smoke fluid is bad ?

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Answer by Ben H
Smoke fluid doesn’t go bad. I have some that’s 50 years old and works fine.

First, check the smoke switch on the bottom, and make sure it’s not off. This may seem obvious, but it’s happened to me.

Also, if you’re running under TMCC or Legacy control, you’ll need to turn the smoke unit on with the remote control. Under TMCC, you’ll need to address the engine, then press [AUX 1] [9]. Under Legacy, you’ll need to select the engine in the remote, then press AUX1, followed by the icon that looks like a smokestack(where the #9 was)-you will have 3 options which will appear on the screen-low, medium, and high.

Lionel sometimes ships the units dry, and sometimes ships them already filled. If it was already filled, 10 drops would have flooded it, and it wouldn’t work. Turn the engine over on a paper towel. If it’s flooded, some will drain out on the paper towel. Let it sit upside down for a minute or two, then start running it again. It will eventually start.

If the unit was dry, 10 drops won’t be nearly enough. If it was dry, you won’t have any drain out when turned upside-down. In this case, add about 20-30 more drops, and it should then work,

There’s also the small possibility that the smoke unit is bad, in which case it will need to make a trip back to Lionel.

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