Why is it that when diesel trains don’t use electric pickup even though they could?

Question by prof. Jack: Why is it that when diesel trains don’t use electric pickup even though they could?
If the trains are diesel/electric then surely they could have a pickup to collect electricity from the wire/third rail, where I live there is a railway line which for half of its way is diesel, but the other half is electric (it joins to an electric one) why doesn’t this train use both sources? (It’s the Uckfield – London Bridge Line). I have seen it on French, Dutch, German and Czech railways. Surely the cost of diesel is higher than electricity?

I mean a train using diesel as a fuel EVEN THOUGH it is on a track with electrical pickup avaliable

and that the train is a diesel/electric one; so it uses electric current anyway, apparently the trains on the railway line near to me are “Turbostar”

The track does about 30 miles on electric and about 30 on diesel track; it goes right into the centre of London (thorugh residential areas) so wouldn’t it be enviromentally, economically and aetheticlaly better for the train to use electric when in an electric area?

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Answer by justanotherengine
Same thing here on Long Island, half of the LIRR is electric (Going inbound/westbound into NYC PENN STA.), once it gets to Babylon (about 1/2 way approx. outbound towards the less populated east end) it only can run on Diesel, the diesels can run up to Brooklyn (inbound/westbound) on the electric lines but can’t go into the tunnels under the East river leading to Penn Sta (from Brooklyn to Manhattan, so everyone changes at babylon, mostly), I think that they just now have a Diesel electric, that CAN use the pick up off the electric third rail of the tunnels, and go into Penn. sta in Manhattan.

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