Why do people keep using off topic info from a user’s profile against them in an argument esp. when losing?

Question by Booniedog86: Why do people keep using off topic info from a user’s profile against them in an argument esp. when losing?
I notice that in arguments especially in forums such as this one and armchair general forums,whenever people are in an argument one side will begin to search at the other user.

Here is one example example here is one between user Antwoin Dodson and Sailor Saturn.

‘Antoine Dodsn:Jesus Christ.
Yes, list three bad missions and assume they fail at the rest of them. Notice how your only evidence is over 40 years old? Isn’t that something to think about.
Sailor Saturn:These are just 3 examples. I could post more but thats not the point of this question.What Iam asking is why Special forces don’t perform well in missions that conventional infantry such as USMC,Army Airborne, and even regular army infantry could do with such excellent performance such as large scale amphibious assaults or defending static positions!

Antoine Dodson then starts looking at Sailor Saturn’s user profile and begins using off topic info that had nothing to do with the thread against Sailor Saturn.

Antoine Dodson:Your profile explains everything. Male who loves Sailor Moon. I would love to see you in the military.


Oh wait, you READ it. So you read about three failed missions and come on here saying they perform poorly. Go back to jerking it to Dragon Ball Z and sailor moon.


Oh go ahead and copy and paste all your evidence kiddo. All you are doing is showing you are just an anime know it all who thinks he is so smart and that the US SOF/SF are failures. When was the last time you performed in combat?

PS: Khe Sanh was a clusterfuvk. No amount of training would have prevented it or those deaths. You are listing battles that were brutal. Stop insinuating that the SOF/SF can’t do their job.

Here is another example between Gobar G and 2th 4rd.Here is what happened.
Gobar G-I notice that in martial arts universally is the importance of the meaning of discipline and training oneself up to the point Discipline is Permanently Second Nature to you and that you are a very well disciplined person..And I also notice this applies to ALL MARTIAL ARTS REGARDLESS of origins be it French,Brazilian,Japanese,Russian and Korean and regardless of style be it Sambo,Savate,Kung Fu,or Eskrima.

So what is the meaning of Discipline in martial arts?What is its purpose in martial arts?Why do all martial arts in the world EMPHASIZE DISCIPLINE FIRST ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE?

2th4rd all of a sudden enters the thread and bashing Gobar G with off topic things.

2th4rd-“Also every other student in my university thinks taht the 101st Airborne are paratroopers.I informed most of them that they are now an Air Mobile Assault Unit.”


“Also one day some kids who were a bout an inch or two taller than me tried to jump me thinking they could easily beat me up just because they are an inch or two taller than me.Because my dad is a soldier,he taught me to be a fighter.So when they began trying to swing blows at me,I used the boxing skills my dad taught me.I easily dodge their blows and began knocking them all out using hooks and uppercuts before a minute passed.It was so hilarious!”


“I’m getting out of High School soon and Iam going to join the 82nd Airborne.What are the requirements?”


“Btw I am not French.I was a former Corporal in the US Army.”


“Btw I was a former USMC infantry.I met Legionnaires during my tour in Iraq in the Persian Gulf War and befriended some of them.God when I first saw their training I was so shocked at how hard it was!And I use to think USMC bootcamp was so hard.”


You’re in a university??? I thought you’re graduating from high school soon??? I believe you lost that fight had it ever really happened…. I also believe you will never get into the 82nd not only because of your lack of discipline, integrity, honor, and initiative…. but the FACT that you retired from the Corps. and the Army!!! Whatever your endeavors are, YOU WILL FAIL!!!

This is who you are in my book:


Go ahead and make a new alias, your diction is easily identifiable; perhaps you should have payed attention during college/high school
Why the hell do people tend to use off topic info about their opponents against them in an argumen especially when they are losing?I mean I understand arrogantly bashing the other side of the argument with using info related to the topic but why the hell do many people have to look into your profile and start using off topic info you stated about yourself against you?This really pisses me off!Seriously like the example involving Sailor Saturna and Antoine Dodson,, Antoine brought off topic info of Sailor Saturn being a Sailor Moon and DBZ fan and used it against Sailor Saturn in A MILITARY THREAD!WTF!COmpletely off topic!Why do people do this in arguments?

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Answer by JIMMY
People tend to change the subject when they don’t know or don’t want to address a question.

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