who repairs old lionel trains?

Question by : who repairs old lionel trains?
does anyone know who repairs G gauge trains?

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Answer by Old Man Dirt
I think this is two different questions, but the answers are about the same!
Look in the phone book, if there is a model railroad shop in your area it is very likely they can repair model trains (or know a local hobbyist who can).
If there is none in your area, go to the Model Railroader site and check out the classified (http://mrr.trains.com/en/Magazine/Classifieds/2010/09/Classified%20Advertising.aspx)
Now for a Lionel, there are places/people that specialize in repairing them. Which include restoration.
‘G’ scale trains might prove a little more difficult because some of these are marketed by companies with very little support for parts and repair items. Others are very good at providing repair parts so on that scale good luck.

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