Where Can I Buy A Wide (70″+) Curio Display Cabinet?

Question by d0nkeypunch4u: Where Can I Buy A Wide (70″+) Curio Display Cabinet?
Looking for a really wide curio display cabinet. I collect HO scale model trains and need a place to display them. Most of the cabinets that I’ve found so far are no wider then 40 inches. It should be fairly tall as well.

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Answer by Kevin B
I worked at a local hobby shop through my high school years and the owner spent a ton of money to have custom display cabinets (7 total) made up to properly display the different trains we had for sale. When completed they were beautiful and took up two walls. The cases displayed every engine and car we had from HO to LGB size, all the customer had to do was point at the one they wanted and we pulled it from stock.
I can see your desire for a case that large as I collect toy soldiers and I don’t have enough space in my cases to display everything I have accumulated over the years.

All I can suggest is to find somebody that does woodworking for a hobby and have them make one for you as I have never seen a curio cabinet that big (70″+) other than a custom job. If you supply the materials you could probably get someone to make it for a pretty reasonable price.
Best of luck.

How are the mag-clamps working for you??

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