When do I know my cat will be ok to roam alone?

Question by T-Boz: When do I know my cat will be ok to roam alone?
I am a teacher and work everyday. Some days I’m home by 3…other days I work a second job and don’t get home for good until around 6. I just got my kitten and he’s 2 months old. I have been leaving him in my bedroom during the day while I’m gone with all his toys, litter box, food and water. I let him out when I get home to roam around and explore (and so I can “train” him not to scratch my furniture).
Whenever he starts to scratch something I don’t want him to scratch I tell him NO and take him to the scratching post (if I can catch him)…he usually listens and if not I show him the spray bottle of water and that will work. When will I know it is safe for my kitty and my furniture to leave him to roam around my apartment when I’m not here??? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Answer by Elaine M
He’s ok to be confined to one room while you’re not there, they do sleep most of the day anyway, but you can leave a radio playing softly or a seat by the window if he needs to look out for mental stimulation.

Once YOU trust him out of the room for extended periods when you’re home, that’s when you can leave him out all day in the home.

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