Whats my voice type?Tenor Baritone Bass?

Question by : Whats my voice type?Tenor Baritone Bass?
I’m a 17 yr old male. I look up alot of information about singing and still cant find my type. When doing scales without trying to start on any note i usually start on E3 gotta force myself to start any lower. Does the passgio crack on the note before what you cracked to get to that note or the note itself. If its the note before i think i have a passgio of C#4 or D4 would be where i completely crack and i noticed my voice begins to change in pitch as if its getting higher around but theres no complete crack.F#4 or G4. I usually lose my voice after A4. while scaling. But if i just go for my highest note i easily hit a C5. .nice sharp and ringing. i feel as if my voice can go higher but sadly i cannot produce that result.the lowest i can go is g#2 and i mean lowest i have to change my face and push down as hard as i can. it usually sounds airy. People say i have a deep speaking voice. i talk on a b2 level it sounds like theres a little fry in there. idk ive read other peoples saying there voices are like that because they forced down before puberty. i did the same as well my cousin whos younger then me by a couple of months hit it before me and to compete since i was older i felt i should have a deeper voice and forced myself to talk deeper before i hit puberty and now my voice has been use to speaking soft and low. Ive had no vocal training this is all natural. Can anyone help me out
I dont force my voice down anymore i did it when i was 13. I dont really understand the passgio thing but i heard theres supposed to be 2. How can i find the other one. Overall i would say my range is (G2-G4) Extremes would be (C5highest an F2 lowest in the morning when im groggy)

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Why don’t you look for choirs to join, even your church choir? The chorister will quickly determine what sort of voice range you have, and you cannot have a tenor baritone bass, but either a tenor, baritone, or bass.

As you work on your singing also consider in focusing upon your English classes in more detail.

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