What would you prefer?

Question by Cognek Tiberius: What would you prefer?
Media, Politics, Government, etc. are the most representative elements from the so called real world.
They all have in common some of the following things: negativism, slavery, mockery, greed, corruption… Also, there is the church that has chosen to dwell in dark and cruelty for the price of green paper on which pictures of noble man lie and for the power that is so vague and short since man cannot live as much as he wants. They make the world and they “train” the people.

On the other hand there is nothing but a mere whisper, a slight dream that has enough power to make an indestructible man out of nothing. That is God. Out of nothing miracles took, take and will take place. Out of nothing comes peace and joy. Out of nothing we find ourselves warmed up and loved. That is the gift from God. This is our tool, this is our coin, this is our weapon. This is our alternative to what is negative and wrong.

People are not satisfied with what’s real, they don’t like what’s become of their world and they wish (out of damning the leaders, the church, the whatever) to make a change. It is indeed a noble gesture yet they wish not to believe in miracles and this is sad, yet it is not the people that don’t believe, it is their way of thinking and being that were modeled by the actual system.

I will not crawl for the rest of my life in chains under the actual system’s lead since I’ve experienced the alternative. Since I believe in it, I’m glad to give my life for it. It is way better to die with honor rather than live as a slave.

You may not worship a specific God but you can worship your ideal and fight for it as all ideals lead to peace and happiness which leads to a better world.
It is we whom must choose.
What be your choice?… slave or free in this world or the other… hmm? What say you?
Have faith!

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Answer by JStrat
This is not a question, it’s a lame rant.

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