What was the name and author of this children’s book about a train?

Question by Vamphaery: What was the name and author of this children’s book about a train?
All I can remember about this book (which I read frequently as a very young child) is that it was about a boy with a train set, which he enters and conducts as if it’s real. The train is modern in nature. It isn’t a steam engine. It looks like a “bullet” train, or like a basic Lionel electric train set (red and grey.) I remember there being oval shaped windows on the train. The illustrations are more literal and straightforward than most children’s books.

Can anyone remember any books from their childhood that feature similar details? Notes: it was not “Polar Express,” “The Little Train,” or “Steam Engine.”
EDIT: Obviously, if I’m asking here, I’ve exhausted all other avenues of research at my disposal.
Further Edit: Thanks for the suggestion of the Railway Series. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be it either. The illustrations weren’t quite that true to life but they were less “cartoony” than most children’s books of the era. I read this book in the very early 80s if that helps (although some books I read as a child dated to the 1930s, so that might not be much help at all, except for the modernity of the train in the book.)

I believe the book was a one off book, rather than part of a series.
Further note: Someone yesterday (offline) recommended Choo Choo: The Runaway Train. That wasn’t it, either.

Man, it seems this just isn’t a well known book. 🙁

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sometimes google helps…

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