what to use to paint undecorated/unpainted trains?

Question by Shadow: what to use to paint undecorated/unpainted trains?
I have gotten back into my hobby of model railroading. i have decided that some of the locomotives/rolling stocks paint scheme wasn’t to my liking so i decided that in the near future that i would buy some undecorated rolling stock/locomotive. i was just wondering what type of paint and equipment should i use to paint them?

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Answer by mariner31
Always fun to create your own paint-schemes for a layout… I created a small switching railroad for serving my Stockton, California yard.

FIRST I primed all my undecorated locomotives.. I used Testors brand primer.

For the paint scheme itself, I used Floquil and Testors paint, Testors Gloss-coat to provide a SMOOTH surface for lettering, decals from Micro-Scale, and then Testors Dull-coat to seal the paint-scheme. I use a combination of paint and pastel-chalk to weather the models. I DO use a Paasche airbrush and compressor… but I build models for a living.

Here are links to the products AND to Model Railroader Magazine (If you’re getting back in the hobby… it’s the BEST inexpensive tool to have !!)


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