What size is an acre in HO (1/87) scale?

Question by ichbindasein: What size is an acre in HO (1/87) scale?
Please tell me in square inches. Thank you.
I am planning to get into model trains. I want to have a railroad stockyard and farm on my first layout. If you have anything (links to websites with real stockyard pics, whatever) that might be of some use, feel free to post them.

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Answer by meemaw
There is 43560 square feet in a acre, square root of 43560 square feet is 208.7 feet converting to inches = 2504.4 inches divided by 87 = 28.79. Then 28.79 x 28.79 = total 828.86 square inches. That is the size of a acre in square inches. My husband said about 29 inches of plyboard. He is into model trains also. 0 scale is what he likes. You can find info on layouts on-line, do a google search. Also at train shows and train stores. At the bookstore you can purchase good magazines about trains and layouts. Hope this helps. Have fun.

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