What model could I make that would have to do on the Underground Railroad?

Question by kristen: What model could I make that would have to do on the Underground Railroad?
I am doing my social studies fair project on the underground railroad/ harriet tubman. I already did my backboard and everything and all I need to do now is make a model. I can’t really think of anything to make so any suggestions? thanks:)
and it’s not due monday btw lol

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Answer by oregon beaver
Do the Octoagon House on 6th Street in Davenport Iowa. It was a bigtime Underground railroad hangout. Blacks were ushered into it and hidden in the basement and in the attic. I don’t know if it’s still there. I heard that it burnt down but You could get pictures of it, it was painted a maroon color, and the house was literally an octogon, 8 sided. You could contact the Quad City times or The Moline Dispatch (look up their phone numbers online), and they will give you the names of local historians that know more about it. Once you see some pictures of it you could make a model of it really easy. It’s on 6th street, so that means that it is 6 blocks NORTH of the mississippi river. Don’t forget how important the river was on the underground railroad, so this would be a good project to build a model of. It’ll take some phone calls, but once you get ahold of someone who knows something about it, then they will be able to fax you pictures of the house. otherwise you could go to yahoo’s main page and click “images”, then type in davenport octogon house” and see if anything comes up. You could also call a guy named Ron Bellamy at Riverbend antiques in Davenport Iowa. He would know who to get in touch with. I hope this project isn’t due monday. Certainly you would have planned better than that, but this will give you something ON THE MISSISSIPPI river, so you can talk about the importance of the river and it’s function of the underground railroad, and then you could easily build a model of this house (be sure to put the front porch on, I think that was the only way in or out). and just pick a nice maroon color for it, ’cause that’s the color it was for the last hundred years. But call Ron Bellamy at Riverbend antiques first and ask his advice, and if he can’t lead you down the right path THEN call the newspapers and maybe library in Davenport. You’ll have to get all the numbers off of yahoo yello pages. Good luck! It’s a very unique thing about the underground railroad! Good luck! -john in Iowa

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