What is/was the standard distance between telephone poles?

Question by jimthecelt: What is/was the standard distance between telephone poles?
I am building an HO-scale model railroad, modelling a rural area of the 1960s. What is, or was for that era, the standard distance in feet or yards between telephone poles?

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Answer by patriotnutrients
the standard distance between power poles in this country is approximately 200 feet.. the standard pole in use today is forty feet long with about 5 feet buried in the ground..

since you are recreating a rural scene, the common voltage would probably be a four wire system, rather than the three wire system that is common today.. the transformers would have their high voltage insulators on the side, rather than on the top(they are still out there if you want an example).. the wire wouldve been copper instead of the aluminum wire with a steel cable in the center of it in use today.. in the sixties, the pole insulators on the crossarm may have brown, about the color of coffee..

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