What is the best way to sell model trains?

Question by Alex: What is the best way to sell model trains?
A relative left me na estate with thousands of model trains and i’d like to sell them. Ebay isn’t really an option because of the amount so i’m looking for an event where I can sell them or a website that will buy lots of trains. Some have boxes some don’t. There’s a wide variety of companies and HO scales.

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Answer by Wdlane
If you are a complete novice to model railroading, you have to spend the time in researching the items and effort to sell them to get the maximum return. Showing up to a train show or a dealer (if you can find them) with boxes and a “make me an offer” look on your face will likely get you much less then their worth. The same could apply if you get a “knowledgeable friend” to sell them for you. You will be wondering if they are being straight up with you , or “other”.

The locomotives could be worth $ 5.00 tops or they could be worth $ 1000.00+ depending on what they are. If you have NO idea as to what they are you WILL loose. Judging by the relatives lifestyle, if they were well off, the trains are likely to be worth more. If the trains were bought at yard sales and flea markets, probably not as much. It all depends on what they are and who made them.

In HO age does not have a great impact in their worth like Lionel does. In short the older HO trains are do not necessarily make them more valuable. The opposite is actually more accurate. The newer more accurate trains are worth more then the older runs. Getting them back in the correct boxes adds greatly to the selling price.

I cannot recommend eBay enough. Love them or not, they are it. The buying audience is there like no other place, website, or train show. In is an international buying audience. There are some other “eBay hating” train selling websites, but no buyers. However, with eBay, there is lots of time involved to list them and sell off 1 or a few items at a time and what category to list them in with an accurate description. Knowing how to group them is a benefit. A wrong item description will not get a high price.

In closing, you have to put the research time in to get the benefit out, or blow them out on the cheap and take whatever you get. It is all your choice.

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