What is the best way to get a job with the Railroad?

Question by Carly’s Mommy: What is the best way to get a job with the Railroad?
My boyfriend’s biggest passion is the railroad, he even models it in our basement. He has been trying for YEARS to get on…maybe he isnt doing something right?
He is getting so discouraged and it is his dream job and i want to see this happen for him!
What is the best way to get on the railroad? Please explain!
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he has tried for track laborer, conductor, and one more thing a think….is there something that stands out on a resume? Or is there a certain quality they want or look for?

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Answer by Rango
Start at the bottom, I know this sounds too silly and basic but it is as true in railraoding as anywhere.
By that I mean in an entry level position, a large percentage of railroad workers started as seasonal laborers on track department.
Those people will get first preference in operating department (train service) when openings become available.
Unfortunatly RR business is down just now but it will get better and most of the major railraods hired a lot of people in the 1970s (including me) and we are all getting ready for retirement in the next few years, there will be a LOT of turnover.

He must not get discouraged, it takes awhile, tell him to hang in there, keep trying and if he is willing to relocate then apply on as many RRs as he can find in his region.
My son tried for 3 years before he got hired on as track laborer so there are no secrets that I am aware of.

Best of Luck, we need people that are interested and upbeat about the job.

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