What is the best electric dog fence to use?

Question by Ashley: What is the best electric dog fence to use?
I would like to purchase a electric dog fence but do not know which kind to get. My dogs do not run out in the street now but they are getting bigger and I would like to train them using a fence.

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Answer by ablex
One works just as well as any other, and none work unless you put some serious time and effort into training the dogs. The shock they get when they approach the barrier is just a reminder, like if you were there telling the dog “no”. Some dogs are stubborn enough to ignore them and go through anyway. I had one that would take the shock to go after a squirrel – a high prey drive and a high pain tolerance made the fence useless.
Remember too that a fence of that type doesn’t keep other animals out, so stray dogs can still enter your yard and possibly injure your dogs.
I’ve seen them work very well, and I’ve seen them be nothing but a waste of time and money. It really depends on the dog.

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