What is the best dog for me?

Question by lovethatdirtywater: What is the best dog for me?
I have had a few dogs in my life, starting as a kid:
German Shepard/Short HAired Collie Mix – Male – “Spike”
Brittany Spaniel – Male (weighed 75lbs, extremely fit) – “Jake”
Dogs I have now
Golden Retriever – Female – “Jessie” – 9 yrs old
Chihuahua – Female (born 100% blind) – “Kelsie” – 2yrs old

I want a dog that can keep up with me.

My dogs I have now, one is getting too old and one is a blind “toy dog”. I am a very active, adventurous person (28yrs old). I want a canine companion I can jog 5+ miles with, go on day-long hikes, week-long excursions climbing mountains, etc. I want a dog that I HAVE TO KEEP UP WITH, not vice versa.

Which would be the best breed for me, and why?

How should I “train” them as a puppy to have the most endurance possible?

Keep in mind I want them to be a well-mannered, indoor dog when not out exploring with me.

I really appreciate all well-thought, relevant answers. Thank you!

Thats my baby Kelsie in my pic : ) Shes amazing!

In case anyone wants to elaborate…I was kind of looking for a shorter-haired dog. The Vizsla, Boxer and Taco Terriers all great ideas!!


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Answer by Kunzy
rough collies?

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