what is DOW blue Board for model railroading ?

Question by Chelsea K: what is DOW blue Board for model railroading ?

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Answer by Diane B.
I assume it’s one brand of the extruded polystrene foam that comes in sheets, especially for insulation of various kinds. (Should be available at home improvement stores like Home Depot, and other places where insulation is sold. The various brands come in pink, blue, white, etc.)

Extruded polystrene foams are very good for making medium to large models because eps is dense but carves easily and nicely, and pieces of it can even be stacked and glued together to create block shapes for carving/shaping.

The shaping can be done with serrated knives or with “hot knives, tools, or wires” then be further refined with rasps, sandpaper, broken edges of form pieces, etc.

Check out (all around) this site for lots of ways to use expanded polystrene foam and examples, plus some of the hot tools available if you want to use those:

And there’s more on cutting, gluing and shaping it on this page at my site:
…under the category “Plastics,” click on the subcategory called *Shaping, Cutting, Gluing PS Foam”

Diane B.

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