what is dcc and dc in model train(HO) mean?

Question by mopar_street: what is dcc and dc in model train(HO) mean?
I am in the process of building a layout and have not kept up on new tech for electronics and rolling stock upgrades in a more years than Id admit to. There are some new words and abreviations I am unfamiliar with,any answers or can some one direct me to some information that will put me up to date on information to create a modern layout?TY in advance

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Answer by Steven D
DC is the old school control system. Straight from the transformer to the tracks. DCC involves radio controlled receivers that serve more like realistic cab controls on locomotives.
Here’s some links:http://www.micromark.com/DCC-Controls-and-Electronics.html
Personally, since I’m on a limited budget, I stayed with DC. It all boils down to preference. I really wouldn’t justify the expense of converting my locomotive roster to DCC.
By the way. I’ve been working on the 3rd incarnation of my LJ&S so don’t feel overwhelmed. I used to have a ’64 Plymouth fury as a project car but had to get rid of it due to health concerns.

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