What is causing the dead spot on the train track?

Question by Blue: What is causing the dead spot on the train track?
I have a g scale train that is 16 years old and it has some dead spot in the track it a new engine and the power supply is good the track it all connected and in the couplings but it goes super slow speeds up or stop any one know what up?

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Answer by railbuff
The only reason your train stops is because the electricity stopped.
The culprit is usually dirt – somewhere. The other possibility is a short – does the grade change at that point? Rail joiners are not reliable conductors of electricity – soldering a wire joining two pieces of track (electrically) can sometimes solve these problems.
The best way to investigate track problems is to use a continuity tester – a battery, wire and light will do. The light should burn brightly when two adjoining pieces of rail are tested. Don’t forget to test each rail at each joint.
electrical problems are the most frustrating in my book.

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