what is a good website for HO model train layout ideas?

Question by Brenden: what is a good website for HO model train layout ideas?

I have 2 HO scale train sets a union pacific one and a santa fe one. they are made by athearn i believe. i have 2 switch tracks stupidly i bought both of them left so the turn to the same side. i also have about 33 curved tracks, and around 20 straight tracks (9″ in length) and i cant figure out what type of layout to make. i dont have DCC and that makes it harder. not only that but whenever i listen to my brain I end up not liking it because i feel it has to have scenery to be good which i know isnt true. does anyone have any good layout ideas?

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Answer by AJ
Layout ideas… A good website is Atlasrr.com. They have track plans for sale at their store right now. But if I were you, I would just go with what your mind says. I did that and love my layout. I would also just make a bunch of wierd curves. It gives realism and makes it fun. I would use all straight track and have 10 and 10 on each side. Because you have two left hand switches, I would just make them into industrial leads/sidings or even a small yard.

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