What is a country called when this happens?

Question by foofy2u2: What is a country called when this happens?
If the government takes over major companies ( Bank of America, GM etc) what kind of a country is it. What will the next step be to keep on keeping the people safe and secure? I am getting some kind of weird feeling like I have seen this before in the 1930-1945 era. Not here in America but in another country that I just can’t bring to mind. Can someone help me with this?
No other country took over the businesses I mentioned but similar happenings.

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Answer by dobberx
You may want to check your facts.

The US hasn’t taken over any major company.

The US owns less than 30% of the stock of GM. That’s temporary.

The US doesn’t own any part of Bank of America.

heavens! we saved jobs! EVIL

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