What colors and paints can I use for my night snow scene on my model railroad?

Question by Steve71: What colors and paints can I use for my night snow scene on my model railroad?
Should I paint the platform a dark bluish-white, or is snow white OK for a night scene? There will also be a wrap-around mural 12″ high by 10 feet of painted fiberboard. I want a dark ribbon of river, a darker distant shore and a convincing sky color, like indigo or violet, also some residual sunset on one end of the mural. Think Polar Express. I am not an artist, so please be specific about paint types, colors, mixing and techniques! Should I just buy a pint of background color and add details with the more expensive paints? Thanks in advance for your thoughtful answers.
OK, maybe I could add darker shadows later, but what is the overall color of village snow on a moonlit night? Will pure white work?

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Answer by Debonair
Blues are used for shading snow or when snow is in shadow.. Always keep in mind that shadows are made by using a darker color of the object that is in shadow or is being shaded. As an example, an orange on a green table. The shaded side of the orange is a darker orange. The shadow casted on the green table is a darker green than the area of the table that is in full light.. Never using black. Only use black when something is black in color. Do a web search of paintings of winter scenes for references to see how others have handled the same image.


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