what are the recommended ways to practice violin?

Question by holeycow: what are the recommended ways to practice violin?
i first practiced my scales relevant to my pieces (e.g. Sonata in G then i will play all G major/minor/etc)
then i will train my intonation by playing it with piano then violin; getting the bow stroke right
then i get into the timing
after that, i played it with the dynamics and expression..
it took my around 2 hours for this..
kinda need rest in between to allow the flow of creativity to seep in..
any ideas or care to share how you practiced your violin?
how long do you practiced it?

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Answer by Left-T …
Irrelevant of the instruments whether its piano, guitar or violin or brass, you need a break in-between so that it seeps in. That is correct. The quality of the practice is more important than the quantity of time. give your fingers and mind a rest when you have just learnt something new. Go over it in your head and then come back to your instruments.
Practice makes perfect and the best way to accomplish anything on any instrument is to PRACTCE WHAT YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY IN. Don’t practice what you alrady know. This is called quality time practicing.

Just a thought :)) don’t stop and push yourself harder but let it sink it little by little.

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