What are the best train sets ?

Question by BLAH BLAH: What are the best train sets ?
Which is the best train sets thats out ?
I want a train set that is ideal for any occasion like for use and christmas (around the tree) or layout.

less than $ 1000

I like Lionel trains alot ,

name the best modern, in stock train sets, i prefer Lionel
but you can name others as well
(please seperate Lionel and other brands)


I want a O gauge train ,

also is the Polar Express, and the Berkshire model good?

i want something that is well built, metal framing, good quality

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Answer by Tee D
you can get ho scale train sets for about 70 – 150 dollers at a hobby shop. Ho is the most used scale. but is a bit small and takes time to set up.

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