what are my lionel trains worth?

Question by Heath: what are my lionel trains worth?
i have two sets of them still in the boxes. one is coastal limted and the other is a nickel plate special. they are from about 1989 or 1990. my mother paid about 300 a set. i was thinkin about selling one of the sets but i dont know a price guide to go off of. is there a way to check it accurately?

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Answer by Steven D
Like anything else, price depends on condition. Anything that new will not command a price you might be thinking of. Post WW II trains are going for reasonable prices if they are in 100 % mint / like new condition. Any modern era, 11970- 2000, trains aren’t going to command high prices Here’s a reference book:http://www.modeltraincrossing.com/kal8285.htm
You can see if there’s a copy at the local library as well. Sorry to break the bad news.

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