What are good christmas sets to collect?

Question by Bri: What are good christmas sets to collect?
I’m thinking about starting to collect a Christmas set. Like something that can go on forever. I’m not looking for “just collect ornaments” I’m looking for, “You could collect the village stuff from (brand name)” Here are some things I like that may spark ideas: Village scenes, musical stuff, animated, lights, horses(and animals in general), and yes I celebrate Christmas.

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Answer by Phillipe
First and foremost…do not collect anything that you don’t like yourself. and don’t believe any ad which says, “collector’s limited edition” thinking that it means the item is going to go up in value. What it really means is that the company will make as much of the product as it has sales for.

Once you start collecting horses, you will wind up with horseshoes, rodeo ropes and saddles…You will also be expected to be able to ride one.

collecting snow globes just means a lot of dust collectors

nativity sets will start to take up too much room after a while.

angels will make you look like a religious nut to visitors

My own favorite is novelty ties. ( I have 40 of them ) and can wear them year round. You could specialize in just Christmas ones…but the musical ones get to be a pain…same tune.

A model railroad!! Diversity and class. You can get the village scene, little horses, and build scenery..

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