What are 6 aspects of a special forces team?

Question by Ti-Reece V: What are 6 aspects of a special forces team?
So I’m writing a novel about a team of special forces soldiers and I was wondering if each soldier were trained with a specific trait benefiting team what are some skills that each one could posses. Things like one of the soldiers being good at stealth operations and such. So I would need 6 “skill sets” for each one of the soldiers.

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Answer by Lilly Jane
Hmmm. I have no real military background, but here’re some important skills that might come in handy 🙂

-The Leader: obviously he leads the team, makes executive decisions, etc.

-The Right Hand Man: Underling to the Leader, helps him organize the rest of the team

-The Sniper: Takes care of sniping away the enemy

-The Tech/Weapons Guy: In charge of maintaining/fixing guns and stuff during the fight

-The Medic: Takes care of the injured in the group

-The Spy/Linguist: If there are any clandestine operations, he’ll take care of them

Good luck! Hope this helped 🙂

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