WAP5 Bhopal Shatabdi Cutest Indian Train

I dedicate the 500th upload to India’s Fastest and Undisputed King – Bhopal Shatabdi. Bhopal Shatabdi was late by almost 3 hours for second consecutive day. This clip was an emotional one for me. I started waiting at Lalitpur outer around noon and later realized it was late. I waited and waited in the hot afternoon sun thirsty, completely exhausted and badly tanned !!! One smiling official came and asked me where I wanna go? I replied – no where and that I am waiting to capture the King. He just went away smiling. But when the King emerged from the curve with that lovely horn, I was almost in joyful tears, all my lost energy rebounded and I was refreshed again !!! WAP5 India’s Fastest and Undisputed King 12002 New Delhi Bhopal Shatabdi honks and snakes past Lalitpur. P5 GZB 30024. Lalitpur MPS – 115 km/hr. Bhopal Shatabdi connects New Delhi and Bhopal, covering a distance of 703 km in about 8 hrs, and 5 halts. Belongs to Northern Railway. BhopalShatabdi is fully air conditioned and the fastest train in India. The train commenced service in 1988 and was the first Shatabdi train to be introduced. The train touches a top speed of 150 km/h on the 195 km Delhi-Agra stretch, which is the fastest for a train in India. The first Shatabdi Express was flagged off between Gwalior and Delhi on 14th November 1988, which was later extended to Jhansi and later on extended to Bhopal. Fridays, used to run with old ICF rake. From 20th May 2011, LHB rake on Fridays too. New Delhi Agra AC
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