Video DSLR OR Camcoder?

Question by : Video DSLR OR Camcoder?
I have been looking for a good HD video camera . The Main use is going to be for Indie Movies and Short films .My budget is around 1500$ (70,000 INR) .
At around this Budget , I have seen more than a few options on various forums .
I have narrowed it down (so far ) to :
-Canon 60D, Panasonic GH2 (both DSLRs ) and Sony HXR-MC50U ,Canon XA10 HD(both camcoders) .
Now my question is, which ONE of the above should I get ,
keeping in mind that I am not a trained “cinematographer” as such and dont really know much about lenses , camera settings , follow-focus etc. also I dont care about Still images.

What is the difference between the Video Quality of the above models ?

I have heard of the enhanced quality of DSLRs as they add the DOF , but is that so much better and justified as against the efforts required to shoot using a DSLR?( special Rigs, expensive lenses, Extra Audio etc whereas a camcoder can be used a lot more easily).

Let me know what you guys feel.
Also if there are any other options in the same range.

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