ThomastheE2engine’s 2011 Film Makers Competition! CLOSED

please comment below saying you are entering and have subscribed. You must make a film that is at least 2 minutes in length and under 15 minutes in length. The story of the film has to be about a Character who learns a valuable lesson. The Video must contain at least one Original Character. Your entry can be made with, Real trains, Model trains, Computer generated trains and Toy trains eg take along, Tomy, ertl etc. There are no limitations to what you can use for your character or characters. You can use engines that used to operate on the railways, you can use Thomas Characters or both Your entry must be titled ‘ThomatheE2engine’s Film Makers Competition (your channel name)’ and posted as a video response to this video. If your video isn’t posted as a video response it will not be counted. the competition closes on the 29th of August 2011 the closing date can be extended if requiered. all entrys after this date will not be counted. Good Luck to all who enter!

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