Thomas Darker Side Ep2

Ready for another trip to the dark side of Thomas the Tank? Here’s a very special look into the dangerous dark side of the illegal toy industry making Thomas & Friends toys. If you can’t stand the sight and sounds of some very distorted Thomas models this is not a video for you. This is a follow on from my video Thomas V Thomas and Thomas Dark Side Ep1. I take a detailed look at how one of these models produces smoke and get lost in different fluids to produce smoke for model trains. There is a special warning before the Transformer model is shown, possibly the most distorted Thomas Tank I have in my collection. Sadly these toys present real hazards and are potential killers to very young children. All toys were purchased from stores in Sydney’s western suburbs markets. Web Links: Some web pages related to model train smoke: Model train collectors strive to make their model train sets look as realistic as possible by painting them the colors of real-life trains, adding different cars to their trains and creating diorama around the tracks. So it only makes sense that model train collectors and owners would make their locomotives produce “smoke” as they chug around the track, despite the fact the trains run on electricity. Different mixtures can be combined to create model train smoke. 1 Fill a quarter of the measuring cup with glycerine. Fill the
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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